Your developer key is ready!

If you are running a recent build

Switch to your home view and open the terminal activity. Type su at the prompt and press Enter. Cut and paste the following command into the terminal activity:

wget -P /security

If you are running an older build

Switch to a console by holding down Ctrl, Alt, and Neighborhood (the 'Neighborhood' key is the third key from the left along the top row). Press Enter. If you are prompted for a login, type root and press Enter. At the prompt, type the following command:

wget -P /security

You probably want to take a minute to get a piece of paper and write this down first; it's much easier to type correctly that way.

To switch back to sugar, hold down Ctrl, Alt, and Home (the 'Home' key is the fifth key from the left along the top row).

Downloading your key on an non-XO machine

If you download the key on a machine which is not an XO, you will either need to install OLPC's certificate authority, or use the --no-check-certificate option to wget.

Learning more

You can find more information about using your developer key on our wiki.